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Turkey Sausage Breakfast Burritos

- ½ lb (8 oz) uncooked 99% lean ground turkey breast
- ½ teaspoon salt, divided
- ¼ + ⅛ teaspoons black pepper, divided
- ⅓ teaspoon ground sage
- ⅓ teaspoon ground thyme
- ⅛ teaspoon dried marjoram
- ⅛ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
- ⅛ teaspoon paprika
- 4 large eggs
- 3 oz 50% reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese, divided (I used Cabot)
- ¼ cup salsa, (I used medium heat, feel free to use hot if you want these spicy!)
- 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro, (If you don’t like cilantro you can omit or substitute green onion)
- 4 low carb 8-inch tortillas, (I used Tumaro’s Low-In-Carb Multi-Grain Wraps).

- Place the ground turkey in a mixing bowl and add ¼ teaspoon of the salt, ¼ teaspoon of the black pepper, the sage, the thyme, the marjoram, the crushed red pepper, and the paprika. Mash/stir together with a fork or your hands until well combined (in this step you added sausage seasonings to the ground turkey).

- Mist a large skillet with cooking spray and bring over medium heat. Cook the seasoned ground turkey, breaking it up into small chunks, until cooked through. Transfer the cooked turkey into a clean mixing bowl. Wipe out the skillet with a paper towel.

- Combine the eggs and remaining ¼ teaspoon of salt and 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper and add a splash of water (I usually quickly woosh it under tap water once or twice).

Use a whisk to beat the eggs. Mist the skillet with cooking spray and bring over medium heat. Add the beaten eggs and cook, pushing them around with a spatula to scramble, for a few minutes until cooked through. Use the spatula to break the scrambled eggs up into small chunks. Transfer the eggs to the mixing bowl holding the turkey sausage. Add the shredded cheddar, salsa, and cilantro and stir to combine.

- Lay the tortillas on a clean, dry surface and divide the sausage and egg mixture amongst them (about 2/3 cup of filling on each tortilla). Fold in the edges of a tortilla and roll it up to make a wrap. Repeat with the remaining tortillas.

- Mist a griddle pan or large skillet with cooking spray and bring to medium heat. Place the rolled burritos onto the hot skillet seam-side-down and cook for 2-3 minutes until the bottoms are golden. Flip the burritos and cook for another 2 minutes until the other side is golden as well.