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Chicken feet recipe


1 kg cleaned chicken feet .
1 onion chopped.
1 tspn garlic and ginger.
1 tspn paprika.
1 tsp turmeric .
1 tspn chilli flakes.
2 tbsp knorrox garlic and onion flavour.
1 tbsp tomato paste.
2 cups water.
15ml chicken spice.
1 tsp mixed herbs .


Dissolve 2 tbsp of knorrox stock powder in 2 cups of water, use as a salt replacement in your cooking
Heat oil and fry onion, turmeric , garlic and ginger until tender then add chicken spice, paprika, chilli flakes, mixed herbs, cleaned chicken feet, tomato paste, stir well to coat the chicken feet in all the spices.
Add the mixture of water and knorrox powder and cook on a medium heat for 35-40minutes
Knorrox stock powders are affordable stock powders that deliver the rich flavour & strength of a cube in an easily dissolvable and versatile format

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